Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Water Chestnut Pudding

250g water chestnut flour (廣洲冸塘馬碲粉)
500ml water
600g fresh water chestnut
750ml water
300g - 400g rock sugar/golden rock sugar

1. Wash fresh water chestnut thoroughlly and cut or crush them into your desired size.
2. Mix water chestnut flour with 500ml water and strain for use later.
3. Cook rock sugar with 750ml water till sugar dissolve. Add in the crushed chestnut pieces.
4. Pour water chestnut mixture into rock sugar solution and keep stirring until thicken.
5. Pour the thicken chestnut mixture into a well greased 8 inch pan.
6. Steam on high heat for 30 minutes.

1. I have put sugar amount as 300g - 400g to cater to people with different level of sweet tooth.
So, please do the sweetness test yourself. If you use golden rock sugar, your cake will have a tinge of golden colour.
2. For variation you can replace 250ml of water from the 750ml water with coconut milk and make it into coconut milk water chestnut cake.
This cake tastes good either cold or pan fried. You can pan fried it just by itself or make a crispy batter of equal amount of flour to rice flour and water to get crispy battered water chestnut cake(酥脆炸馬碲條).

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