Thursday, April 16, 2009


(It seems that most of my recipes is chickens, my daughter loves to eat anything with chicken)

Ayam Bumbu Bali

- 1 whole chicken cut to 12 pieces
- 1 lime juice(limau nipis)
- 2 tomatoes, blendered coarsely
- 1 cm galangal( lengkuas)- crushed

- 3 kafir leaves(daun limau purut)

- 3  Indian Bay Leaves(daun salam)
- sweet black sauce (kicap manis)
- 2 cm ginger
- sugar and salt to taste
Grinded Ingredients:
- 7 shallots
- 3 cloves garlic
- 10 dried chillies
- 3 candlenuts
- 1/2 tspn baked prawn paste( belacan bakar)

- Marinate chicken with salt and lime juice and let it rest for 15 mins 
- Fry the chicken and put aside
-sauteed the blendered ingredients, bay leaves, kafir leaves, galangal and ginger till fragrants.
- Add in tomato and mix well.
-Add in sweet black sauce, salt to taste  and add in the fried chicken simmer for 5 mins and served.

P.s. translated to english for anyone who is interested,my daughter dont quite understand Indonesian terms in cooking ingredients, so I hope my translation will help others too.

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