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Dragon Fruit Recipes

Today I go Dragon fruit ga-ga..,fascinated with this fruits which was called 'king of the fruit', so far had tried the white flesh and purple flesh but prefered the purple flesh caused more tasty and sweeter while the white flesh is tasteless,discovered there were more then two species, there's also yellow version ( havent tried that so far), probably next time when I see one will buy, I guessed the yellow one is not so common compared to white and purple flesh, its quite expensive few years ago but now they are abundance in the market, you can find them in every market place and is cheaper now. So usually I would eat raw but this time I would like to try some recipes probably juice or cocktail drinks, so my findings lead me to some interesting concoction but first I must share with you the healthy facts about this wonderful 'king of fruit'.
Fruits also have good nutrients for health like anti-oxidants and fiber. Diabetics patient use it as a substitution for rice and also a source of dietary fiber. Dragon Fruits concentrate when make into a juice is reddish in color with tiny seed mix all over it. Because the seeds are so tiny, people just eat it with the flesh same goes to the juice.

How to prepare some of the recipies and ingredients

Tropical Dragon Fruit Sauce
Servings: 4


4 Peach Halves in Light Syrup

1 Canela (Cinnamon Sticks)Canela (Cinnamon Sticks)

2 Tropical Dragon FruitTropical Dragon Fruit peelded and cubed

1 cup Frozen Raspberries thawed and drained

1/4 cup Orange Liqueur (optional)

1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream


Drain peaches and reserve juice. In a saucepan, bring peach juice and cinnamon to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes. Pour liquid over peach halves and cool. In a blender puree Tropical Dragonfruit, raspberries & liqueur (if desired). Refrigerate. Place peach halves in dessert cups, garnish with scoop of ice cream and top tropical dragonfruit sauce.

Nutrition Facts

* Calories 160 Calories from Fat 40
* % Daily Value*
* Total Fat 4.5 g
* Saturated Fat 2 g
* Cholesterol 15 mg
* Sodium 30 mg
* Total Carbohydrate 30 g
* Fiber 5 g
* Sugars 24 g
* Protein2 g
* 10%Vitamin A
* 30%Vitamin C
* 8%Calcium
* 15%Iron
* * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Red Dragon

3 strawberries
1 tbsp strawberry liqueur
1 tbsp vanilla liqueur
ginger ale, for topping up
1 wedge of dragon fruit, to garnish

Blend all ingredients with ice in a blender, pour into a cocktail glass, add ice cubes and top up with ginger ale. Garnish with a slice of dragon fruit.


-1 white flesh dragon fruit
-4 tspn condensed milk
-1 cup of water and ice
-1 tspn rose syrup...

-blender the dragon fruit flesh with condensed milk with ice
-pour into a glass and add the syrup

bandung recipe from:

Dragon Fruit Cherry Sparkling

Ingredients: ( 2 glasses )

  • 1 flesh dragon fruit and diced it
  • 500 ml F&N cherry drinks/ or icecream soda F&N
  • some ice

Method :

  1. Blend dragon fruit with F&N cherry till fine
  2. Put in ice cubes in a glass and pour in the blendered juice, served cold

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