Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Fruity Ice

by : Fatmah Bahalwan 


3      kiwi fruits, skinned and sliced
½     green melon( honey dew) , used spoon to scoop 
300 gr   nata de coco cube
A bunch of  Green grapes and sliced 

100 gr   castor sugar
500 ml  water
1 bunch mint leaves


  • Boiled sugar and mint leaves for the syrup, strained and put aside to cool.
  • Add all the fruits in a glass and  top with syrup , ice cubes and served.



P.S. This is direct translation from Indonesian to English lang., hope you can understand( I'm not very good in translating Indon lang. to English, its different from malay lang. but tried my best using my own version ,hmmm..(hehe...Indon ppl peace! no offence intended)

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