Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oxtail Tomyam(Spicy Oxtail stew)

1 kg oxtail (ekor lembu)
4 Knorr tomyam cube
4 litre water 
2 lemongrass crushed
2cm galangal(lengkuas) crushed 
one handful of birdeye chillies( lada padi )
10 pcs kaffir leaves(daun limau purut) 
2 tablespoon ginger + garlic paste
2 medium size onions sliced 
2 stalks corriander leaves(daun ketumbar) 
juice from 2 lime(limau nipis) 
salt to taste

discard  the fats from oxtail. mix all ingredients except corriander leaves and lime juice . Boil till the oxtail is well done and add in the salt and lime juice.

upon serving garnish with corriander leaves

This recipes is in Malay, had translated in English for anyone who is interested,this recipes is easy and simple, hope you will try it! 
@mesra.net-Kiriman: Inah Hassan

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