Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today Mumsdishes have no idea what to cook,been having fish dishes for the past week is quite a bit of a bore,wasn't my idea but request from my other half, did sneaked to some restaurant and 'tapao' back some food (to Siam Rest for Beef Noodle..I preferred their style)for myself,hmm..felt like a thief though.Btw suddenly I'm craving for beef again,Bulgogi/ beef marinade,Korean style but I wanted the fastest way to cook them,so I bought beef sukiyaki and instant Korean Bulgogi Marinade.

Okay peeps, this recipes is for the lazy ones like me (too tired to cook) or if you are running out of ideas or time is not on your side meaning taking short cut but which the taste wont fail you,haha...okay lets shoot..

(10 mins cooking time)

1 packaged of  Sukiyaki beef( for 2 person  half portion is enough)
1 packaged of Bulgogi marinade
1 tablespoon of oil for frying
a dash of blackpepper optional

Method :
1.washed lightly the sukiyaki beef & add the marinade (if got time let it rest for 1/2 hr, if not you can just add everyting & start frying, like I did, sorry was too hungry after the marketing)
2. add a dash of white or black pepper for more spicy taste
3. add half cup of water and let it simmer or till the meat is done, gravy will be slightly thicken and ready to serve with mix salads and hot plain rice..

P.S. okay thats my simple dish for today, after reading the marinade ingredients, I realised its almost like  one of Malay dish,BEEF IN BLACK SAUCE .


Sukiyaki beef  -1 pkg
Bulgogi marinade- 1 pkg
Onion- 1 cut into rings
Half cup of black sweet sauce
Red Chillies- sliced into half & deseeded
A dash of peppers
Cooking Oil 1 tablespoon

Method : just fry evrything until beef is to cook & fast to eat but still  better than instant noodle, offence..

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