Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well today Im going to share with some interesting story about 'OKRA/OKURU/BENDI/LADYsFINGER', all this while we had been consuming this veg, without realising the 'special' benefit it does to our skin.Oh my Im so glad to stumble upon this story, and its proven by scientist .By the way , this veg travelled a long way around the world, it originated from South Africa interesting.Okay before I write down some recipe,I let see the link about the wonderful BENDI/LADYsFINGER does.(as from today on wards I will consume/cook more Bendi..(everything BENDI) hehe..till my family got sick of eating it.hehe...

Okuru is a plant native to a remote part of Western Africa, where locals have been using it for centuries for its high nutritional food value and skin benefits.

A few years ago French scientists set out to investigate the secret behind the local inhabitants’ flawless skin and discovered that Okuru contains a combination of peptides that minimise wrinkles in a similar way to Botox1, but are natural, safe and can be applied topically without the need for invasive injections!

Monash was skeptical too

A team at Monash University in Melbourne led by Professor Barrie Finnin2 (Chair of Formulation Science) was sceptical about the anti-ageing claims of Okuru and set out to validate them and found that it is a very effective treatment for expression lines with the average participant receiving an impressive 27 per cent reduction in expression lines after 4 weeks use.
Okay,enuf of suspends will tell you what is the product hmmm..(I want to try too mb)lapureté doesn’t just work on wrinkles. It’s an all-round effective anti-ageing range with clinically proven natural actives, like Okuru, that target common skin concerns such as sagging skin, eye bags, dark circles, dry skin, enlarged pores, age spots and UVA damage. 

Ok,lets get back on track now,interesting right,the veg we eat all awhile, sciencetist used to make face cream(hmmm..what about we blend ourself and put it all over our face,just like mask,mb it will work too...hehe just kidding,pls dont try it at home!)hv to do something later will continue with the recipes...

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