Saturday, August 6, 2011

Che Thai Vietnamese Fruit Cocktail

che thai


1 can of jackfruit (julienned)
1 can of toddy palm, drained
1 jar of coconut jell, drained (buy the brands in the glass jars)
1 can of lychee
1 can of longan
1 can of green (ai-yu) jelly (diced into small cubes and drained)
1/2 qt half and half *
optional real or faux pomagranates
ice (crushed preferred)


In a large fruit punch bowl add the jack fruit, lychee, and longan along with it's accompanying syrup. Drain the toddy palm and coconut jelly and green jello and add to the mixture. You can also add the pomegranates as this point. When ready to serve, add the half and half to your desired level of richness and stir everything together. Serve cold. You can refrigerate the mixture until cold or just add ice to the punch bowl.
*Cooks Note: For more coconut flavor, use 1/2 coconut cream and 1/2 half and half.

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