Monday, May 7, 2012

Oreo Layer Cake - with cheddar cheese


10 'A' size eggs
500 gm butter (I used goldenchurn)
200 gm castar sugar
300 gm condense milk
100 gm cheddar cheese, grated (optional)
50 gm horlicks
50 gm coconut milk powder
100 gm Marie biscuit(crush)
180 gm Hong Kong flour
1 tsp vanilla powder (I used essence)
1 tsp pandan paste (optional)
I packet Oreo (discard cream)
green and red colouring

1) Cream butter, sugar and vanilla powder till fluffy n white
2) Add egg one at a time and continue to beat till well combined
3) Lower speed and add in condense milk
4) Add flour, marie biscuit, coconut milk powder, horlicks and continue to beat at the lowest speed.
5) Divide batter into 3 parts (abt 625g each portion)

a) 1 portion add green colouring and also pandan paste
b) 1 portion add in red colouring
c) 1 portion original

6) Grease an 8 x 8" square pan and preheat oven 180C
7) Scope 2 ladle spoons of green colour and bake it using the upper and lower heat

8) Once done... pour 2 ladle spoons of red colour batter and add in grated cheddar cheese.. grill it for 5 - 7 mins

9) Pour in 2 ladle spoons of plain batter and add oreos.. grill again for 5 - 7mins
10) Repeat process till batter finish
11) Last layer bake it using upper and lower fire for 10mins

If u dont like cheddar cheese u omit it
If u dont like coconut cream powder u can add 50g more of horlicks)
If u dont like pandan paste u can omit it

@bisousatoi ,thank you for sharing ur recipe

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